09 November 2010

Worth It

Today I didn't do the dishes, even though my sink is full of dirty ones.

Today I didn't fold the clothes, even though they all got washed and half of them need to be put away.

Today I didn't clean a bathroom, or make a meal plan, or go grocery shopping, even though we've got food, but none that goes together.

Today I didn't get around to packing that sack lunch for our playdate.


Today I danced with my daughter.

Today I got to watch my kids play with friends they love while I talked with great women.

Today I worked on a sewing project while I explained things to Sariah.

Today I had a tickle war with my kids, I got down to their level and crawled with Bryson, played peek-a-boo, got covered in blankets.

Today Sariah drew me a picture, Bryson put his head on my shoulder and gave me snuggles.

Tonight my husband volunteered to go to the store with the kids and grab a couple of things so we can have a tasty dinner.

Tonight I get to go sing with a choir.

I didn't get a lot of "important" things done today, but today was totally Worth IT.


Elizabeth said...

Such a great post! Good for you! :)

Jenny said...

Yeah, I don't do that enough.