03 November 2010


I like vests. Especially vests on men. I think men should wear more vests. (Yes, this is really a post on vests, what did you think I could sustain blogging about important things for a whole month? Um, no...)

I'm not particular about the type of vest. I like a good button down equally as much as a sweater vest. I do think the important part is that the vest fits right. It can't be too small or too big. There was a guy at Target the other day who's vest was too short, it wasn't nice. So the right fit is important.

When Doug and I got married he had a really nice tux. It included a white vest. I thought he looked really smart. There's not a great picture of us, but one of the few of the vest, so here you go.

Handsome, right? I think so... so did all these ladies...

Okay, that was just an excuse to post the picture Doug thinks is the most embarrassing from our wedding.

My favorite show on television right now has to be Castle. Everyone I read online has been complaining about this season's wardrobe, but I think its particularly nice and not so generic for everyone. I'm especially appreciating Detective Ryan's vests. Check him out.

See, pretty nice, huh? See vests aren't just for suits or tuxes, but can be paired with jeans. Often Ryan takes off his jacket, the vest looks pretty good then, too. They're versatile.

I'm trying to get Doug to wear more vests. I bought him a sweater vest for his suit, but we need to get said suit cleaned, so he hasn't worn it yet. He did say he'd wear it when is suit is cleaned, so its a step in the right direction. I don't know if I could totally change his wardrobe, Doug's big on polo shirts, but I do buy most of his clothes now, so you never know, a change could happen.

In the mean time, buy your man a vest.


Lisa said...

I don't remember what mine looks like in a vest. I think the last time was... the wedding? Possibly a play, but that doesn't really count, right? He's lost a bunch of weight with the new job, though, so I might have to ponder that. Mind you, I'd have to tranquilizer dart him to get him to the store--shopping is very low on the list of things he's willing to do with the few daylight hours allotted to him.

Alan and Denise said...

When Doug wears the vest with his suit, you'll have to post a picture of that, too.