10 November 2010


Apparently, the vampire look is all the rage. I wouldn't know. Personally I'm not really into that. I did read the Twilight saga, but it was like gouging my eyes out. (I personally think Bella was less annoying once she became a vampire.) I think the movies are just awful. I don't like the other vampire TV shows or movies, I don't even care for Count Dracula (I'm okay with Count Chocula and The Count on Sesame Street.)

But now I've found a vampire look I can get behind. Check it out:

Bryson sported this look for a good month. I took this picture after the trunk or treat on Oct 29th, and now his two front teeth are growing in. I still think this is my favorite look so far.


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That. Is. ADORABLE!!! Oh my goodness, that is so cute!

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