12 August 2011

Happy Birthday Husband

Doug had a fabulous 29th Birthday, which I have neglected to blog. My camera is unavailable at the moment, but imagine pictures of Doug & Sariah at the PBS Open House seeing Mr. Steve (of Stevesongs) sing, meeting the Cat in the Hat & more!. Then follow it up with him getting neat gifts like an expansion pack for our Settlers of Catan game, and a new stratigy card game, Dominion, plus a new DS game, Fire Emblem (all which he has really enjoyed.)

The next night we had friends over to enjoy one of Doug's favorite dishes, Noodles Romanoff, and play games. But before the kids went to bed, we had to eat this amazing, awesome & fantastic Settlers of Catan cake, made by my friend Heather.

Doug likes being 29, but if you ask him, he'll tell you he's 24. Sigh. Last year he always answered that he was 26, so somehow he got younger. Oh well. Happy Birthday to my magnificant man!