10 September 2012

Ultrasound, take 2!

 So two weeks ago when we had our ultrasound, I said everything was healthy, which was not a lie, but there was a shot or two of the spine that our little guy would not let the tech see, and they also found 2 choroid plexus cysts in the babies brain.  These cysts, along with other soft markers, can be a sign of Trisomy 18, so my OB wanted us to get a second ultrasound, this time at the hospital, check to make sure.  Better safe than sorry.

So we headed to the hospital earlier today to get another look at our little guy, and yes, we're very sure he's a little guy, Doug saw all his little boy parts, although I still totally missed them.  I'm also very happy to report that while the cysts are still present, there are no other markers that might be present with him having Tri 18.  If you want to know the odds that he still might have it, they're 1/320.  (With no markers present, odds are 1/2000).  After talking with the doctor and the genetic councilor, I'm satisfied in saying no other testing is necessary and we should have a healthy, happy boy in January.

On a side note, because I'm obsessed with it, he's currently weighing in at 1 lb, 7 oz, about 78% for 22 weeks.  Its going to be another big baby for us.  Yes, I'm freaking out.

So do you want to see some more pictures?  Of course you do!  These all ended up sideways, which I guess is what happens when I use my ipod to take pictures of pictures.

 Going to the hospital means 3D pictures!  I thought that was super cool.  Sorry about having to crane your head sideways to see him, but you can see his profile here.

 Here you can see his leg and his cute little foot.
 He's a tricky little guy, every time the tech went to scan something, he moved so she couldn't see it.  Not very cooperative little guy!I guess I wouldn't want to be poked and prodded like that either, though, so you can't blame him.  He was an active little guy!  We can't wait to finally meet him, only 18 weeks or so.