24 April 2015

An Ode to Yarn and How I Love Thee

Author Note: For my Pathway English class this semester, there are 5 writing assignments.  "The Love Letter" is the first assignment.  Edited: 7th May 2015.  "Final" draft is now up, unless anyone else has any critiques!

#1 Love Letter: Yarn
Dear Yarn,
            Ours is not the sudden burst of love at first sight, or the burning passion of the quick fling that burns bright and fizzles quickly.  No, ours is a love that was planted early, grew from humble beginnings, and flourished into a genuine heritage of creativity and expression. 
            When my great-grandmother placed that first crochet hook into my hand, and I clumsily attempted to crochet my first chain, I could not have foreseen the beautiful creations we would one day make together.  It took many years before we were comfortable with each other.  There were many failed attempts, when my knowledge, understanding, and patience did not match the skills I needed to turn you into a wooly hat or a fuzzy scarf. Slowly I gained that experience and confidence as I found new tools and resources.  My ability grew, as did my repertoire of ways to use you.  From those simple crochet chains, I expanded to looms, crochet hooks of all sizes, and finally to the mysterious knitting needles.
            My storage space for you dwindles, but my love for you ever grows.  Just when I think I have enough, I come across a new yarn that starts my heart a-flutter all over again.  I love everything about you from your pretty pastels to your deep jewel tones.  Solid colors, self-striping, slow color transitioning, and variegated yarn, I love you all.  When I find the perfect pattern for my next project, or three, I race off to the yarn store.  It doesn’t matter which one, a big box, little mom and pop, or an online handmade Etsy store, I know I will find the perfect yarn for each project.  Other skeins of gorgeous yarn will also catch my eye.  I will snatch you all up and save you for the perfect moment.  I can never have too much of you, beautiful yarn!  I will create delicate, breezy shawls with thin, lace yarn, snuggly afghans with worsted yarn, and warm, thick scarfs and hats with bulky yarn.   
            Together we will create amazing projects, and when we are finished, I will step back and look at you and know that you are something unique.  Each special project is made with love.  I will show you off to my friends and family.  I might give you as the perfect gift to someone I had in mind while I was working.  Maybe I will just keep you for myself, to cherish and love.  Each finished project gives me a sense of accomplishment, which is why I work with so many of you at a time.  All my spare moments are filled with you!  You keep my mind alert and engaged with your complicated patterns and new skills to learn.  My hands stay busy sliding you between my knitting needles, or pulling you through loops with my crochet hooks.  I gain more from each project I work with you.  You’re worth every penny I’ve ever spent on you. 
Until we knit again,