28 February 2011

Wisconsin Chamber Choir: We Sing Leopold!

Wisconsin Chamber Choir: We Sing Leopold!

Have ya'll had a chance to see the WCC blog yet? There's a chance to win tickets to our April concert & info on our free performance at this Saturday's Madison Reads Leopold event. Check us out! I'm putting a lot of effort into it.

23 February 2011

Dancing Bryson!

He walks! He dances! He falls down in time! And exit, stage left...

14 February 2011

3 Reasons

3 Reasons I love Bryson

1. His little laugh. You can't be sad if Bryson is laughing
2. His toddling walk. He's not doing it independently yet, but he's averaging about 3 steps or so at any given time.
3. How he waves his arms around anytime we sing music at church. He keeps a pretty good beat.

3 Reasons I love Sariah

1. Her firm knowledge that Jesus made her and He loves her.
2. The way she gets excited for all kinds of things, classes, parties, friends over, FHE, she can't wait & wants to know how many times she has to sleep before the fun begins.
3. All the things she's learned about this school year. She's learning to write, she colors in the lines, she can get dressed all by herself, she loves to dance, to swim across the pool, she loves to learn.

3 Reasons I love Doug

1. He loves his kids, he tries his best to spend time with them, even when his schedule is busy. He always gets up with them in the morning & puts them to bed at night.
2. He takes care of me. He gives me time or space when I need it, and spends time with me when I need that. He provides for us and does things that might not be fun, so we can all do fun things.
3. He's honest and loyal, smart and funny. He's compassionate and forgiving. He's mine.

07 February 2011


Life is insanely busy and because of that, something had to go. In this case it seems to be blogging. Sorry about that. So, I thought I'd just post some videos of what we've been up to. Feel free to watch them all, or not, either way.

This first one is Sariah practicing for her first ever Primary talk. I'm so very proud of her. She and Doug wrote it together.

You can see all my videos HERE. I think there are some others that I've uploaded and not posted to the blog from Bryson's birthday and such...