31 October 2011

I Want a Robot!

Sariah has been telling us since August that she wants a robot for her birthday. She is always very specific about what this robot must or must not have. Here are just some of the things she's mentioned:

It must talk.

It can't have wheels so it can go down the stairs.

It must be big, but not too big.

She wants it to play with her toys with her (I'm starting to wonder if she thinks she's getting a life sized android.)

Then we had a conversation about naming the robot because then it will know if it's a boy or a girl because "Robots don't have hair."

(As an aside, when I asked her how she knows that a certain friend that is a girl but has very short hair is a girl, she told me it is because she wears girl clothes, but "robots don't wear clothes.")

So the grand question is, where am I going to find this magical robot? It's the only thing she wants, but I'm afraid anything I get won't live up to the robot vision in her head.

I've looked online without avail so our next stop is the local shops. I think maybe I should have her draw a picture for us, too. Anybody have any ideas?

*edited to add a photo of the picture Sariah drew for me of what the robot (on the left) should look like. Oh my. Anybody seen one?