10 June 2011

Before & After

We've been stunningly silent lately, haven't we? Some of that is blog exhaustion, some of that is actual exhaustion, sickness, business etc. I'll try & post some other pictures & things from recent events, Mother's day, Memorial Day, Bratfest, etc. soon.

But today was a special day. It was the last day of our preschool (slightly delayed. We were to have it Tuesday, but one of the kids was sick.) So we had our end of year party. It was a cute look back at all they've learned. There really are a great bunch of kids. It has been a joy to teach & to see all the great things they've picked up. I don't notice it day by day, but Sariah has grown & changed inside & out.

This picture was taken on her 2nd day of school. They also filled out a worksheet with their heights, weights, favorite things on it.

Here she is today.
These next shots are the ones I took before her first day of school in Sept.

And here she is after school today. Same girl, same dress, a whole school year of difference.

Sariah really had a blast. She was sad that it was all over & she won't get to be with her friends at school twice a week. In the Fall she'll be attending 4K with the school district. It'll be a whole new set of experiences!