29 March 2011

This That & The Other Thing

You could say that things have been super crazy around here. Its almost like life is upside down. Okay, maybe not exactly... but still. It seems I don't blog much very more (well, maybe because I'm busy with the WCC blog. A post a day this week, check it out!) So here's a little of what's been going on, in no particular order (also know as, the order the photos uploaded and I'm too lazy to fix it.) On the 19th, was the Epic Anniversary Party (I call it Epic Prom, don't tell Doug.) The dress code this year was "Red Carpet." I'm still not exactly sure what that means, but we went for it anyways.

(Sariah took this photo, hense the angle.)
I've had this dress pattern lying around, and I bought the fabric from fabric.com. Its a stretch satin. The sleeves were the worst, if you saw on facebook, before this photo, they puffed up super funny. The problem is that the fabric was suppose to drape down, but it was too stiff, so it puffed up like bad Star Trek sleeves. (Think Romulans.) I had to take in an inch off the shoulder on both sides, and then it was much better.
I was a little nervous about the shiny, but there was a lot of shiny fabrics that night, so it turned out okay. I love this necklace & earring set I got from Target. I don't usually do dangly earrings (they bug me with glasses & long hair) but this turned out great. Thanks to the Lovely Lisa for Skyping with me beforehand and helping with my awesome hair style.

The evening was super fun. There was a lot of fun formal wear (I saw at least two guys in full tux with tails!) The food was pretty good. They trimmed down from 6 catering resturants to 4, which I think was much better. The best was probably the Graze, which was WI mac & cheese, mini burgers & soft pretzels. I wasn't very fond of the korean (?) food the culinary staff put together, partly because I dropped it all over me & partly because I don't like fish sauce.

The past 3 years they've had an ETube contest. Different people put together funny videos and everyone votes for their favorite. This year the video that got my vote won:
Coming in a close second was a spoof of The Office called "The Campus" with their very own Dwight Schrut. I looked and it doesn't seem to be up on YouTube, which is a shame. The first winner of the ETube contest was this beauty, which was the obvious winner that year: In other, cuter kid news... Preschool has been a blast lately. The last two letters I taught were P & S. I was most excited for S, since there are tons of fun S activites. We had two themed days. Tuesday we did Star Trek: I had an activity planned for even different crew position on the Enterprise. Not pictured is me in my captain shirt (it was Kirk green, and I've since spilled on it and ruined it... :( ) The kid's favorite was probably navigation, where they each had a map of our house and they had to search for stars that were hidden in order (so they couldn't just run around grabbing stars.) Thursday was St. Patricks day, so we did lots with green. Sariah and Jack were the only brave ones to eat green applesauce & drink green milk, though. And now a random picture. I walked in the kitchen one morning to find the kids "doing the dishes." I think its pretty awesome, since I hate doing dishes. They can have at it as much as they'd like!
I'm kind of skipping around here... On Sunday, both Sariah and I wore our hair twisted back with a big flower in the back. I had bought a big orange flower & Sariah's Aunt Jenny had sent us another she had made with orange ribbon that Sariah wore. It was so cute, I spent yesterday figuring out how to make more. So this is what Sariah's hair looks like today.
I think this orangey-pink one is the cutest one I made. These other two I made as well, the blue was the first one I tried, and the black one is for my hair on Saturday for the concert.They're really fun to make, but I think I need to rebuild the calous on my right pointer finger, its pretty sore today.

Finally, a weekend project for you. This is what our sink has looked like since we moved in. At some point in the last year, the faucet and sprayer have come loose and it was driving me nuts. Also, I wanted to put in an airgap for the dishwasher, in the hopes that it stops filling up with water.

Here's the after photo. I bought this little beauty with a Christmas gift card from amazon.com. The airgap is in, but I need a new hose, so its not totally completed. The faucet works perfectly though.The faucet is much better. You can toggle between stream & spray and the head pulls out for easy rinsing. And its much taller so its easy to fill our water picture and other things. Its a much needed improvement to the kitchen. (Maybe it'll motivate me to do those dreaded dishes so the kids don't have to...) So that's the exciting parts of the last month. This week is super crazy with my concert. I'm thankful to Doug for being willing to help out so much. Hopefully we'll have other exciting things to share in the future.