04 November 2010

Darn Internets!

Today's post was going to be on why I can't get both my kids to actually smile cute at the same time aka the mess of Halloween pictures I have. But A) I'm too tired to actually try to post pictures and 2) Blogger is messing up how my blog looks from Internet Explorer. So instead you get a rant on how my relationship with the internet is love/hate.

First off, yay for all the awesome things I can do online. Its great to keep in touch or when I need ideas for church or preschool. Its fun to hear other people's idea on current events or tv shows I watch or what not. I like being able to stream General Conference or local talk radio (from Austin if I want to) or show the kids clips of lightening strikes when all my preschool experiments don't work. I like paying my bills online or get my latest homework for choir, buy tickets online, buy pizza online, or music or dvds or almost everything I buy nowdays except for groceries (although you can do that I hear if you want to.)

What I don't like is all the pain I have to go through to do those things. When I feel like something is taking forever to download because of the speed or when websites don't work correctly (like blogger today or the server was down on one of my other sites yesterday.) I know, selfish, huh? Yeah, now that I've typed it, it does seem like I'm whinning a little too much. I blame my lack of understand of computer code. So maybe I can blame my Computer Science teacher in High School? Maybe not, she was pretty nice & understanding about the fact that it was all gobbledegook to me! Thank goodness Doug understands it, that's the nice thing about marriage, filling out each other's weaknesses with our strengthes.... whoops off topic.

One more thing though. The internet can be a total distraction. And I'm easily distracted. So its hard to be the adult and try and stay off it as much as possible. I like being connected, but its also important to be connected in the real world. And its nice to get your chores done and make food and stuff. Everything has its place, right? Now... let's just hope that writing this post somehow fixes how my blog looks in IE. That would be magic, right?

Edited to add: I fixed what was messed up with IE, it turns out I got messy with code when I moved my pictures around (I tend to go to the HTML setting and cut and paste when I want to move pics, its usually easier.) See? My CS teacher should have totally failed me!


Susan said...

Yay. It's better. I think I originally had a comment about vests but now I don't remember. Annoying.

Jenny said...

Ditto Susan. :) And sorry I've not been commenting. I've gotten really behind on blogs with the egg-study and surgery and all that. :P

I'm totally addicted to the internet. If it were to disappear, I'm not sure I could function anymore.