12 November 2010

Screen Names

When you log on to websites (facebook, twitter, email, message boards, etc.), do you use the same user name? Do you have a handle that is distinctively yours? I've got two.

The more recent one I got on my mission. Most of you know it because its my email address. It seemed pretty straight forward at the time.

The other one is quite a bit older. See when we first got a computer and the internet back in the nineties, it was a much simpler time on the internet. The first website I ever was really interested in was a collection of information about the 60ies show The Monkees. They had episode info, and pictures that took forever to load, and midi files you could download of most the songs. I thought it was totally awesome.

There was also a message board & chat room. I knew nothing about screen names at the time, but as I talked to other fans about the Monkees, a new screen name for me was born. I'm not going totally give it away esp. since if you google its kind of embarrassing, but needless to say, it has to do with the Texas Prairie Chicken.

I don't really know much about the Texas Prairie Chicken, but in the later episodes of the show Mike would sometimes refer to a campaign to save the Texas Prairie Chicken. So since I was from Texas, I somehow became said chicken. I was cool with that.

As the internet evolved and I moved on, I've kept the handle for some things. Its silly, but I like it.

And that's your pointless story for today...

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Jenny said...

I have four. No, five. I started out saying I had 2, but I kept thinking of more. I have three for things I want to be anonymous in (youtube, twitter, comments on popular blogs), one for semi-anonymous things, and one real name for things like my email and such. And, well, I guess if we're counting the one I'm writing as right now, six.