16 November 2010

My stomach hates November OR does November hate my stomach?

Most people look forward to this time of year. Thanksgiving brings thoughts of turkey, mashed potatoes & pumpkin pie. For me, I secretly dread it. Well only if we're staying home.

My first Thanksgiving with Doug was when we were engaged, and was held at his sister's house. It was very nice. Our second Thanksgiving was less than a week after I gave birth to Sariah. My family was in town, and we had dinner in our small apartment. No big deal. Sariah even slept through dinner. So, all is well, right?

Then we bought our first home. That third Thanksgiving we shared, just the three of us. Or we would've of except the Wednesday night before I got food poisoning from bad sour cream and spent all night throwing up. Needless to say, the thought of preparing a turkey the next day was nauseating, and was not going to happen. We had our turkey dinner on Saturday that year.

The following year we had Thanksgiving at Doug's other sister's home. Very nice.

Last year, I was pregnant with Bryson. Approx. two weeks before Thanksgiving, Doug and I are at the TranSiberian Orchestra concert when he starts feeling really, REALLY bad. The parking lot never had a chance. The Sunday night before Thanksgiving, Sariah wakes up and vomits over and over. Things aren't looking good. Tuesday night I get it. There is something scary about being pregnant and not being able to keep even water down. I don't sleep at all, and by Wednesday morning I'm feeling a bit better, but exhausted because I had been up all night. We had our turkey on Friday last year.

So I'm starting to get a little nervous because the two times we've had Thanksgiving in this house haven't gone well. It is part of the reason I haven't started thinking about making that dinner yet. (The other part is Sariah's party tomorrow & my concert on Friday.) I'm worried if I even think about turkey & stuffing I'll start throwing up. We've talked about not doing it at all, but it doesn't seem right, I love that meal.

Well, this morning I woke up feeling nauseous and having all kinds of fun digestive problems. Yes, its not the day before Thanksgiving, but its the day before Sariah's birthday and her first birthday party with friends. I've got so much to do today, plus a choir rehearsal tonight. Its not a good time for this! My only solace is its not that severe, and I'm keeping it pretty under control with pepto. Just hope this ends quickly and it doesn't come back. But seriously, what is it about this time of year, my house and my stomach that doesn't get along?


Alan and Denise said...

Hope you feel better very quickly and have a fun day tomorrow!

Susan said...

No sick! I hope Sariah's party goes great. Oh - and we did all kinda get sick the year Thanksgiving was at my house. So that was less than fun too. But at least no one threw up!

Jenny said...

So, I guess that means you should always come to my house for Thanksgiving so you don't get sick. :)

I hope you're feeling better!