17 November 2010

How to Host a Outer Space Princess Party

1. Don't Panic

2. Plan your activities and games. May I suggest:

a. Guess how many planets (glow in the dark bouncy balls) are in the jar.
b. Decorate crowns (girls) and shields (boys) with foam sparkly space stickers.
c. Pin the man on the moon. Use your space helmet for a blindfold by putting it on backwards
d. Play "Who had the moon rock in their shoe?" Have one child leave the room and put the moon rock in one of the other kid's shoe. Have the first child come back in the room as the other kids all dance around, pretending they have rocks in their shoes (except for the kid who actually has a rock in his shoe, he doesn't have to pretend.) The first kid then has to guess who has the rock in their shoe until he guesses correctly. Repeat.

3. Make a Castle cake & eat Astronaut Ice Cream

4. Presents!

5. Fill up 150 balloons in your play room. Let the kids have a ball.

See below for visual representations:

Decorating their crowns & shields

Lea had the closest man to the moon, but she also had the closest guess of how many planets were in my jar, so we gave the prize to Ellis instead. They all did really well I thought, considering how dizzy I got them!
Playing "there's a moon rock in my shoe"
The birthday girl & her castle cake
Why yes, there are red motes in outer space!

Blowing out her candle
We scream for Astronaut Ice Cream!

Not shown is the massive amount of balloons in the basement because all I have is a video of it. If I can some how resurrect the laptop and get the video online, I'll post it...

Result: Resounding Success!


Jenny said...

Fun party! Very creative to have space and princesses. It looks like Sariah had a blast!

Alan and Denise said...

It's great you created such a fun party for Sariah! Looks like everyone enjoyed it.