05 November 2010


Whoo... I'm almost forgot about this today, and I had a good picture post, pushing it off again until tomorrow. Instead you get this random post on a topic that Doug just gave me.

I like animals. I enjoy that we have a free zoo here in Madison and we like to go in the late Spring/Summer/early Fall. Its technically open in the Winter, but cold and snow prevents me from really wanting to go. I like pets at home as well. Although my hamster project didn't go so well. I could see in the future getting some sort of small dog or a cat, but I'm talking about like when we've got teenagers or something so they can help take care of it.

I'm not really good with fish, I've killed a lot of them, so that's right out. I wonder, though, what it would be like to be a fish. If I was one, I think I'd want to be an Ocean fish, more room to swim around in, since I get claustrophobic in smaller spaces. I can't imagine being a salmon and trying to swim upstream with all those other fish to spawn. I wouldn't want to be a really tiny fish or a really big fish (whales and other mammals are out as well) but a nice small to medium fish would be okay. Something blue and sparkly.

Although I do love swimming, I wonder if I wouldn't be happier being a land animal. Not a bird though, because I don't like heights. I do like airplane flying, but that's because I don't really get the sensation of falling while I'm in a plane. I don't really like landings though. Plus, I think feathers would be a pain. I do like to sing though, so that might be a fun part of being a bird.

So something nice and fluffy. I'm really busy and stressed right now, so a sloth seems appealing. I bet I'd get bored after a while. I do think herbivore is the way to go, I'm not fond of having to search for food. I want what I want when I want it with minimal effort. I think a koala might be fun, because I've always thought eucalyptus might be fun to eat. Or a panda and eat bamboo, which makes me think of tofu. Tofu, though, can take on any flavor and I don't think bamboo does that.

So I'm leaning on something calm and fluffy. That could change though. And yes, I wrote this in 5 min. Pretty good, huh?


Lisa said...

So..... rabbit? Maybe a chinchilla. Those are pretty cool.

Jenny said...

When I was a kid, I wanted to be either a dolphin or a koala. I think maybe being a domesticated animal would be good, then you wouldn't have to worry so much about getting eaten.