20 November 2010


Do you remember when I made this dress? (side note: I can't stop looking at Sariah's little baby feet here... check out her chubby ankles!)It was back in 2008, Sariah was a year and a half old or so. I had only been sewing for maybe a year. It was maybe the first dress I ever made. The pockets were on funny, the hem was awful, the sleeves, well, I hate sleeves... But I do love this dress pattern. Its a simple A line, Sariah loved to put her hands in the pockets, and she wore it forever. When I put it in storage, I think it still fit her. (It might fit now... who knows...)
Fast forward 2 years. Sariah wanted a new dress for her birthday, and I needed a present for her cousin, Evaline, who's birthday is two days after Sariah's. Plus, because our house is on the market, I haven't sewed anything in forever and I was dying to sew again. So I pulled this pattern out again. Its simple and quick and cute.
Sewing it went much faster this time. I know a lot more than I did 2 years ago. So, even with having to make two dresses, it wasn't too bad. Sariah helped pick the fabric.
The pockets were so much easier, and even the sleeves were a cinch, I was surprised.

I miss being able to sew more regularly. Most of my craft stuff is in storage. This is my favorite time to sew, during the holiday season. There are so many different things you can make. I think these dresses turned out really cute. I know (and you can see from her party pics) that Sariah loves her dress. I hope Evaline likes hers, too!


Amber and The Boys said...

That is really adorable! Way to go!

Lisa said...

What's the pattern? It's really cute.

You've come a long way from your "I couldn't cut a straight line to save my life" days. Well done! They look adorable. It's a shame you can't get pictures of the two girls together.

Susan said...

Evaline definitely likes hers. And she likes that it has ribbons. :) Hopefully we will be able to snap a picture of the two of them in their matching dresses someday...

Thanks for the dress!!

Jenny said...

Cute. Isn't it fun to sew? I'm loving it these days.

Alan and Denise said...

They both look very cute. Great job! I'm glad you love to sew. I used to sew a lot, too, but not as much anymore.