15 November 2010

The last 5 songs I listened to on my Ipod

Cory Morrow: Second Chance - I got this song free off itunes, but I've known who Cory Morrow is for years. My brother and my dad were really into him. I'm not a big fan of country, but there's something about local Austin, TX country (which is what this is) that I enjoy. This is a pretty good song, but there's another of his that I like, "Not Coming Home Tonight", simply because its a great use of the word rondevue. Actually, that whole album, "The Man I've Been" was pretty good...

Festival Choir Of Madison: Sand County: This one of the songs that the Wisconsin Chamber Choir is performing Friday at our concert. It was written by Jean Ford Belmont. Sand County is the first movement in a 3 movement piece (also known as Sand County.) The words for these movements were taken from Aldo Leopolds's Sand County Almanac. (More on Aldo Leopold here.) Since its prose & not poetry its a little harder to sing (nevermind Belmont's crazy harmonies!) It took me several months to be comfortable with it. Its pretty though...

Zach Whedon: The Rap: Commentary! The Musical - This album is basically the commentary track from the Dr Horrible's Sing a Long Blog DVD. Its totally worth owning the music from the actual musical & from the commentary.

Kristin Chenoweth: Popular: Wicked - Doug and I saw Wicked for my birthday in October. It was amazing! I can totally understand why those actors love to perform it, people were clapping like they were at a rock concert. This song is probably my favorite one from the musical. (Defying Gravity would probably be the second.)

Lindsey Ray: Picture Perfect - this song I heard from one of the episodes of the tv show Castle. It was the end of an episode when we meet Detective Ryan's girlfriend, Jenny, for the first time. I love this song so much, its my new song for Doug & I.

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Jenny said...

This isn't a meme, but I'm going to treat it as such and tell you the last 5 songs I listened to on my ipod. :)

You Can't Stop the Beat, from Hairspray
A Rumor in St. Petersburg, from Anastasia
Chatahoochee, by Alan Jackson
Safety Dance, by Glee Cast
Jump, by Glee Cast

These are all from my "Elliptical Workout" playlist. They're catchy and have good beats. :)