14 November 2010

Let the Little Chilren Come Unto Me

Today, I have the best calling ever. You may think that your calling is better, but it is not. I am the Primary Chorister and today was our annual Primary Sacrament Meeting Program. That makes today extra special for me. Not because I was up there waving my arms around, no, today really had nothing to do with me. It was because I've been watching these kids all year long learn about the Savior's Love for them, and today they got to share what they learned with the adults.

This year's theme for Primary was "I know that my Savior loves me." We've spent the year learning about what the Savior did, how we can follow him, and the blessings we receive through that. The music was wonderfully choosen. Every year we get a booklet with 6 songs to learn through the year, then I pick two, so there's 8 in all.

I could sit and tell you about what we did in our program, but I imagine that most of you have seen similar programs in your own wards. Leading up to this day was kind of crazy, the practices with all the kids (our primary is 90+ kids, most in junior primary.) Wondering if they'll remember the words, or the order, or will even sit still long enough. In the end, the worry is pointless, because the kids do fine and the spirit is always there.

Three times I felt the spirit the strongest:

1. The opening song they sang was "He Sent His Son."
2. Near the end of the program the senior primary gave testimones they wrote themselves while our pianist played "I know that My Redeemer Lives". This led into us singing "I Know That My Savior Loves Me." I often get tears in my eyes from the Spirit when the kids sing this song, but the two things combined... well, it was really hard to keep it together. (I managed to do it, but even now, if I think about this, I get all misty.)
3. The very end because they all did an amazing job, and the spirit was so strong, testifing to the adults that what these children and learned and said is true.

One proud parent moment:

1. Sariah's first speaking part in a primary program "Obey My Parents" said into the mircophone loud & clear.

I love the primary program because it gives the children an outlet to show what they've learned in church this year and then express it. For some of them, its the first way they can bear their testimonies. I know I felt their testimonies when they sang today. They remind me how important it is to strenghthen my own testimony of the Savior.

Today I have the best calling in the world. Today I feel like the primary chorister of the best primary in the world. And this afternoon I get to start working on the music for next year's primary program... not because I have to, but because I want to. I'm working on it because I can't wait for them to share their beautiful spirits with me again.

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Jenny said...

I always thought being primary chorister would be a pretty cool calling. Glad the program went well!