23 November 2010


So the only person to give me a blog idea was my brother, Jason, and he said to blog about him. So guess what? I'm giving you a blog about my brother, Jason.

So my brother, he's kind of cool. I can't say I've always felt that way, but I do now. See when we were kids, we didn't have a lot of common interests, but that's okay. I enjoyed being his older sister until he grew taller and stronger than I was. See, part of my babysitting tactics was being bigger than my younger brothers so I could throw them around by their hair or their ears (yes, I feel bad about this now...) But once he got bigger than me, well, lets just say he gave me the smack down once and that's all it took. We left each other alone after that.

Jason likes things I just don't understand, like NASCAR or country music. On the other hand, I can talk to him on the phone for like an hour and its all good. We talk about politics or football or our families. Once I won a big sweepstakes, one of those where you drop your info in a big bin of other cards and never think about it again. Of all the things I could've won, what did I win? A trip to a NASCAR race in Detroit. I was single at the time, so was my bro. So we went together. It was a pretty cool weekend.

Here's the thing about Jason though, he likes to pull my chain. I sometimes don't know if he's being serious or not. It kind of drives me crazy. Also, he mumbles, a lot. What's up with that?

Jason's wife, Jodi, is awesome. I love her to bits. She's amazing. They're kids are pretty adorable, too. We're looking forward to seeing them next Summer.

Jason's middle name is Hod. Its from our Paternal Great-Grandpa. His name was Horace, but everyone called him Hod. His son, Sheral, was my grandpa, and they called him Little Hod. According to the children's museum here a Hod is a box for carrying bricks or mortar. Yup.

I love my brother. I love his twin, Justin, too. I wish they lived closer.

So there you go. Now, if you want to hear about other things, you better give me some better topics! I can't be responsible for the contents of this blog if you don't!

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Jenifer said...

I have loved reading all your blog posts lately. I feel like I've gotten to know you a lot better. Anyways, I thought it would be fun if you did a little, "Marin's Favorite Things" instead of Oprah's favorite things. I always like hearing about what things other people really like. Great idea, huh? I thought so too. :)