24 November 2010

My Favorite Things

I thought this was a great post idea. (Thanks Jenifer!) Now, I'm no Oprah, so don't expect me to buy any of these things for you, but feel free to go out and purchase them yourself, because I recommend them!

First off, my new favorite snack: Popcorn, Indiana's Kettlecorn! Oh my yummy goodness... nom, nom... You'll notice that both these bags are empty, because I ate it all gone. This stuff is fantastic. If I'm looking for something kind of salty I go to the aged white cheddar, but if I want sweet, the black & white is pretty fantastic! I also recommend the drizzled frosted cinnamon. I bought the cheddar for a road trip, and now it is a must have. The only place I've found it here is the Super Walmart in Monona, but I hear you can get it at Costco... Their website is here. They've got other flavors, too.This next one is my deep covered baker from Pampered Chef. I love PC stoneware. I own 4 pieces, but this one gets used the most. Why? I'll tell you why. Its because it makes perfect dinners without having to turn on the oven. Want to bake chicken breasts? No worries about thawing and preheating. I just throw the frozen chicken in this, season it (I love BBQ sauce) and microwave it for 20 minutes. Bam, done. Perfect chicken. I think its better than when I use to bake it at a third of the time it use to take to cook. I often make tilapia in it as well. Also makes fantastic apple or peach cobbler and it doesn't heat your house up in the Summer.
Next up, my 16GB Ipod Nano (6th Gen.) Apple often intimidates me. I use to own a 2GB Sansa Shuffle, but I wanted something with more memory. The only thing is I didn't need lots of bells and whistles. I just want something that plays music and audio books easily. An Ipod touch can do too many things, a shuffle doesn't have a readable front, so I wasn't interested in those. They just came out with this new Nano a couple of months ago. Its small, with a touch screen and it does all I need it to do. The touch screen is easy to navigate and the menu screens can be customized. It also has a clock function, so I bought a $10 watch strap and often just wear it on my wrist since it has a clip on the back. If I want to clip it somewhere else (like my choir folder pocket) you can "pinch" and rotate the screen so its always readable, which is awesome. I can also put photos on it. The only thing I wish I had is a pair of wireless headphones (it is not bluetooth enabled, they should have done that) because I have to snake the headphone cord up through my shirt if I want to wear it on my wrist, but hide the earphones.
These next two are the shows that I'm sure Doug wishes I'd stop watching. I'm totally addicted to Castle and Sherlock right now. What is it about a murder mystery that I find so intriguing? I have no idea. Anyway, the acting in both of these is spectacular. I recommend any season of Castle (season 2 is pictured, they are currently playing season 3 on tv.) Sherlock was just on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS, which is were I first saw it, but PBS cut of about 10 min. of scenes, so when I watched the dvds some scenes made a so much more sense! There are 3 ninety min. episodes which end in an (evil!) cliffhanger, more episodes to air in a year(!)
One more. I love foam hand soap. I buy cheap soap for the kid's bathroom, but my bathroom gets foam soap from Bath & Bodyworks. I like citrus smells best, this white citrus is awesome! The Thieves soap is what we use in the kitchen. I get it from Young Living Essential Oils through my mom. Its the best stuff, it smells fantastic, like lemon & nutmeg, and it cuts through all kinds of grime and grease, which is why we keep it in the kitchen.
Anyways, there you go, some of my favorite things. I went totally material on this post, but I think that's okay once in awhile. Stay tuned tomorrow for more of my favorite things that have nothing to do with possessions.


Jenny said...

This favorite things post is kind of awesome. I may have to copy you and do it myself sometime. :) Very fun.

The Hof family said...

I love young livings! I love the peace and calming and the gentle baby oil! It smells so great, especially the gentle baby one!