22 November 2010

Harry Potter & other Randomness

I don't feel like blogging today. That's maybe because I've been blogging for 22 days straight and although I had a larger amount of topics in my head last week, I used the last one Sunday.

So let me just say that Doug is awesome for giving me a Saturday "off" from being Mommy. I went to the 10am Harry Potter (which I won't review, lest someone hasn't seen it, I will say that the thought that came into my head as I watched it was, this is deliciously slow), then I went to Subway and picked up my favorite tuna sandwich that I'd been craving, and since I went to the Subway in the Super Walmart, I picked up 4 bags of the Indiana Popcorn Co.'s popcorn (2 white cheddar, 1 black & white chocolate drizzle and 1 cinnamon drizzle and they were all excellent. I'm addicted.) Then I came home and read a book, took a nap and avoided my children all day. It was fantastic.

I like scarfs. I was getting a cold last week, which was no good with a concert on Friday (which was fantastic, thanks to everyone that came!) So I wore a scarf all the time. My neck was nice and warm, and I was happy. I'm currently crocheting 3 scarfs (one's time consuming, one I ran out of yarn for and I have to go back to the store and one I'm just starting.) Its fun. My crocheting is getting better. My Great-Grandma Rigby would be pleased.

Seriously, I'm out of blog post ideas, well except for Thanksgiving, that's a gimme, and I can post about my Christmas decor when it goes up over the weekend, but until then... I need some ideas... got any?

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Jenny said...

I haven't commented yet because the parentals are in town and it has been a little crazy. How about you blog about how you and Doug met?