06 November 2010

Is Halloween Still Spooky if You Blog About it a Week Late?

Here are the pumpkins we carved. Doug and Sariah did the one on the left. Sariah drew, Doug cut. Bryson and I did the one on the right. I cut, Bryson watched. Here's Bryson at the Library dance party. He had more fun than Sariah. He also makes an excellent Alien.
Check out his cook alien space ship. Yes, this is the best picture I got of the two of them, my Astronaut & my Alien. Sadly, we're at a point were neither child cooperates when the camera comes out and they're in the same shot.
But Sariah is still a pretty cute Astronaut. She wore this costume all week, and not just because of all the parties, but because she likes it. It is probably pretty comfy!
Doug and I dressed up as people from the tv show Stargate-SG1. Yep, we travel in worms holes to other planets in our spare time, when were not wrangling our children. The trunk or treat was kind of stressful this year, I'm hoping next year will be better.


Alan and Denise said...

Yes, you have a very cute astronaut and alien. Hope you had a little fun, too!

Lisa said...

How did you do the patches? They look so professional. And cyclops pumpkin? Awesome.

Jenny said...

Cute costumes and cute pumpkins! Where did you get (or did you make it?) Sariah's helmet?