27 November 2010

Cities to Visit

Do you know that you can find random topic generators on the web if you ever need a random topic to write about? Well you can, so...

Marin's Top 5 Cities she'd like to visit she's never been before.

1. Japan - no, its not a city, but I'm not picky about it (yet.)
2. Salzburg - I really wanted to serve here, but never got to see Austria. I'd go anywhere Doug want to revisit, as well.
3. London - touristy London & not so touristy London.
4. Frankfurt - because I'd like to visit the Temple there. At one point I lived only 90min. away, but it was the other mission.
5. Sydney - It would be neat to see the "land down under."

Marin's Top 5 Cities she's been to before but would like to return to.

1. Nuernberg - The Bahnhof is beautiful, but I'd sure like to see more
2. New York - Its darn expensive, but I'd love to see a couple more Broadway shows, and visit the Temple in Manhattan again.
3. Orlando - Well, Walt Disney World actually, maybe when the kids are older
4. Muenchen - Because even though I lived there twice, its so big I want to see it again.
5. Winter Park, Co - Went skiing here on a Orchestra trip freshman year of HS, would love to return.

Bonus: Austin, TX - because, hello, its Austin, TX!!

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Jenny said...

Winter Park isn't too far from us, come visit! :)