17 November 2010

Happy Birthday to Princess Sariah!

Four years ago when we had Sariah and named her, we knew what her name meant, "princess of light," but I don't think we realized how true her name is for her. She is most def. our princess, she loves being one, too. Plus, she's a light in our lives. We love having her in our family. So today we celebrate 4 years of having our own princess in our family!

To say Sariah is excited about today is an understatement. She got up this morning and had to put on her birthday dress Mommy made her. Then she helped Daddy make her special birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs. She even helped grate the cheese!Mmm... breakfast is tasty when you make it yourself!
Then it was time for presents! She's really excited about all the wonderful gifts she has gotten this year. I think she's going to have a lot of fun with them.

Doug and I got her some new dress up clothes. She's excited to see Tangled, and she's been asking for this Rapunzel dress for months, plus the matching shoes.

Her other favorite right now is Mermaids, so when I saw this on Halloween clearance for half off, I knew I had to buy it! What luck! You almost never see the princess dresses still around after Halloween.

I'm going to post all the other pictures from this morning later on facebook.

Right now she's on a special Daddy/Daughter lunch date. Doug took the day off to spend with his daughter. What a blessing it is for him to be able to do that. Later this afternoon we have friends coming over for a Princesses and Knights in Outer Space party! I'll blog about that tomorrow.

I love Sariah so much. She's at such a fun age where it is great to see her personality blossom. She loves going to preschool and learning with her friends. She's even more creative now. She's always dressed up and pretending. She's even acting out her own stories. That was one of my favorite things to do as a kid was to come up with adventures to act out and its fantastic seeing my own daughter do that now.

We're so excited to see what this next year of being four holds for her! Happy Birthday Sariah!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Sariah!

Alan and Denise said...

Wishing Sariah a very Happy Birthday!

Jenny said...

I'm glad she had a good birthday!