28 January 2012

I Made That & Around the House

Yay!  I found pictures of Bryson's hot pads and apron/chef hat that I made for his birthday on the other camera!

 Did I mention that he LOVES to cook?  I can't remember what I was about to make, but he was all over me trying to help.  Good thing he keeps those (fully functional) hot pads on his hands!
 Here's some other projects around the house that I've done in the last month or so.  First off I made this wreath for Valentine's Day.  I'm trying to be more decorative with holidays this year, so here's the start.
 This is scrapbook paper (a Stampin' Up colletion to be exact called "Raspberry Tart" I believe.)  I cut the paper in 3 inch wide strips, then I only used half of the strips (the other half I glued together into a large placemat/table runner that is on my china hutch)  The pink and green really compliment my yellow house and red door, I think so anyway.  Here are some close up shots of the paper.

 It was really easy and super cute!

Next, I got some brand new non-stick pots and pans for Christmas (much needed.)  I didn't want to stack them in my cupboards, and space is really limited in the kitchen, so we bought this hanging rack and Doug installed it.  I think it's really neat.  It is covering up some of my pictures on the wall, though, so I'll need to move those (eventually.  It's on the list.)
 Next up was our bedroom, well sort of.  See our room is not high on the priority list when it comes to the house, and there is still lots of other things we need to get around to.  I was kind of jealous of Susan's bedroom makeover that they did over the holidays, because I would've loved to do that, we just don't have the money/time for it now.  We did get rid of our big bulky hand-me-down nightstands (sorry no before shots, I never remember till half way through a project) and for our anniversary (the 6th is the wood anniversary) we bought this bookcase headboard.  Its functional and does make me feel a little more grown up to finally have a headboard.  A couple of artsy shots from our Canada trip printed 11x14 complete the look for now.  Just ignore my ugly flannel Christmas sheets.  They're not stylish, but they are oh so comfy!
 The biggest project over the holidays was to reorganize my disaster area of a craft room.  I had piled so much stuff in there, that I could barely open the door and I was pushing the desk (on wheels) in and out of the room when I wanted to sew something.  More storage space was in order so one day I had the brilliant idea of adding shelves over the ledge that goes around the outside walls instead of purchasing more bookcase shaped furniture.  So off to Home Depot I went and Doug, my hero, put up these shelves for me.  Then came a trip to Target to purchase some bins.  My amazing friend, Miriam, came over and helped me organize my yarn/motivated me to get the stuff organized.  And here's the final (for now) product!
There's still room to grow if I need to and it's nice to be able to see/know where everything is.  Let me give you a little tour.

First off my TARDIS.  If you don't know what a TARDIS is, well then we can't be friends anymore.  Ha ha, just kidding, but seriously go watch some Doctor Who.  The TARDIS is the police box that the Doctor uses to travel all time and space.  It's bigger on the inside.  So is my sewing cabinet (not really, but there's space in it to grow.)
 I bought a groupon a month ago for vinyl wall decorations, so I thought I'd use it to add a little fun to the craft room.  Hence the birds now residing on my magnetic knife holder that I use for scissors (I love that thing.)

 Some more birds and flowers.  And can I just say how nice it is to have bins for everything and then some?  No wondering where anything is, well sort of, maybe I should label the bins at some point.
 My favorite idea I had, hooks on the wall under the ledge for all my knitting looms.  They are just those command hooks that are stuck to the wall, so I could easily pull them off and move them if I want.  It is nice to be reminded that I need to finish all those projects (well the pink yarn on the green loom is Sariah's first project, she's making herself a hat.)  I love the little red bird that lives in the red loom, too.
 One more little red bird on the box on the sewing table.
Well that's mostly all that's been going on here.  A clean craft room means I can start crafting again.  I've already got a couple of sewing projects lined up.  Yay!


Susan said...

The headboard looks great. Someday it'd be nice to have a real headboard... And, how fun to have your own craft room! Jealous. I have a junky craft table that has to be cleaned every couple of days. Loving the organization you did.

Alan and Denise said...

Good job with all your projects--they look great. Have fun crafting!

Jenny said...

Lots of fun craft organization and decoration going on at your house, I see. I especially like the TARDIS. One of these days I really am going to start watching that show. I read an article about all the different Doctors they've had the other day. It made me want to watch it more.