27 January 2012

Bryson's Birthday "Party"

And by party I mean we had Bryson's friend, Colin, and Colin's Parents over for cake, ice cream and presents.  Here's Bryson's cake.
 I've been seeing a lot of cakes decorated with M&Ms on pinterest, so I thought I'd give it a try.  It is suppose to be a train, but I guess any moving vehicle will do.  It was tasty!  That what matters, right?

 Bryson had a lot of fun opening his presents.  He was excited to get some additions for his train table, and some new sheets for his bed, plus some good looking church clothes and some books.
 Some other favorites are the hot pads I sewed for him (but didn't get a picture of) because he is always stealing the hot pads out of the kitchen and taking them somewhere else to "cook" with.  So I made him some for his very own out of scrap fabric I had lying around.  I also made him an apron and a chef hat, which he wasn't such a fan of because he didn't know what they were.

He also really loves this big Mario and little Luigi dolls.  He sleeps with them every night.  I like that he calls both of them "Igi!" since Luigi was always my favorite of the two.  

 I found this play camera on clearance after Christmas.  It is very obnoxious with the music and lights, but it keeps him from stealing the real cameras, so I don't complain.  He loves to run around with it asking everyone to say "cheese!"

The week after his birthday we took him to the doctors.  He's a very normal, very healthy little boy.  He was weighing in the 75% and only in the 40% for height, so I think he's about to have a growth spurt since his numbers seem to do that (his 18 month stats had his weight under 50% and his height over.)  He's already wearing size 7 shoe (his friend Colin is in size 5.)  His torso is still longer than his legs so that the 3Ts are starting to fit on top but he's just barely wearing 2T pants.

He's really breaking into those terrible twos.  Bedtimes are always a meltdown, everything is "mine" even when we're walking through Walmart, but he's still a great sharer when we're playing with friends.  He's constantly singing, even with the songs on the radio, and he loves his family.  We love him, too.


Susan said...

Bryson is looking so grown-up in these pictures. Love that little boy!

Alan and Denise said...

Congratulations to Bryson. He is getting to be so grown up.