14 January 2012

Double Trouble

I was thinking that maybe now that Bryson is 2, he doesn't look as much like 2 year old Doug. Until I put the pictures side by side. Nope, he's still a mini Doug.  Take a look:

Goodness. Besides hair length, is there much difference?


Alan and Denise said...

Yes, they certainly look a lot alike. Does Bryson have that little mischievous smile that Doug always did?

Susan said...

Bryson does look like a miniature Doug. But I think he has your eyes. Bryson's gonna be a handsome guy just like his papa.

Jenny said...

When you posted Bryson's pictures on FB a while back (yeah...I'm behind in my blog-reading), I thought to myself that he was starting to look more like you and less like Doug. I guess I was wrong. :) But, I think I agree with Susan--his eyes look more like yours.