10 February 2012


We got Sariah's very first report card today.  There are no grades in 4K, so it's more like a status update on how she's progressing.  There are some teacher comments on it from her teacher, I'll type them out so ya'll can read them too.

"Wow! Sariah is a teacher's dream student.  She listens to and follows directions the first time given, raises her hand when she has a question or comment, and treats others kindly and with respect.  Sariah has excellent manners and is a role-model in our 4K classroom.  She navigates classroom rules, routines, and transitions independently and consistently engages in social interaction and plays with peers.  Sariah is a true pleasure to have in class and you should be proud of her accomplishments."

Proud?  Why yes, yes I am.


Alan and Denise said...

We are proud of Sariah, too! I have also found Sariah to be very well-behaved and polite. You're doing a good job!

hilary w said...

Why am I not surprised in the least?! She is one sweet little girl.

Jenny said...

As well you should be proud of her. She's a very well behaved little lady. Good job to both you and Sariah!

Susan said...

I completely agree with everything that's been said. Sariah is awesome and so is her momma!