08 June 2012

The Difference a Year Makes

Remember this post?  I can't believe the school year is finally over.  Sariah has definitely left her early years and is a full fledged girl now.  My she's grown.  There has been nothing but praise from her teacher.  She loved school, I never should have worried about sending her, because it was so good for her.  

Somehow we all fell in love with Olson this year.  It is so hard to leave it all behind now.  Without taking a loss on our house and moving, there is a slim chance she'll be back next year.  (We're on a waiting list, but I'm not hopeful.)  We keep telling ourselves that Falk will be just as good next year, but it's hard to say goodbye because we loved Olson so much.  Sariah is already sad and misses her friends.

Ms. Pirkel has been the best teacher!  Sariah has learned so much from her, and she constantly talks about her and school and her friends.  Sariah tells me that her favorite thing about Ms. Pirkel is that she's so nice.
Here's some other pictures that I snapped today.  Bryson has gotten pretty big this year, too!
Look at that beautiful smile!
and those pretty eyes!
Sariah loves to ride her bike.  She's gotten really good at it this year.
Silly Sariah
Bryson can't wait to go to school either. 
And here is her diploma!  Ms. Pirkel tells me that she's more than ready for kindergarten.  Her report card was outstanding (not that you could really have a bad 4k report card.)  They had an end of the year celebration in class today with ice cream and fun toppings, and the kids sang some songs for us.  I've loved so much coming to volunteer.  

I won't deny that as she gathered up her things from her locker and lined up for the last time that I teared up.    I held it together until we made it to the car, then I bawled all the way home.  I cried while I read her report card, I cried looking at the info for next year for Olson that we don't need. (I might blame the pregnancy hormones, but maybe not...)  Sariah took her memory book she made at school and went up to her room.  She tells me she already misses school and her friends.  (Did I type that already?  Well it's still true.)

The upside is that it is now Summer, and we have a lot of fun stuff planned.  The break is going to fly by, and before we know it it'll be time to go back to school with a whole new group of friends to make and things to learn and all day kindergarten!  I scarcely can believe it!

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Alan and Denise said...

Congratulations on completing 4K Sariah! And yes, she has a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes--and is getting so grown up. Bryson, too.