10 September 2011

Big School, Little Girl

I agonized over this decision (I still do) but we decided that Sariah would attend 4 year old kindergarden (known as 4K) this year through the school district.  This is the first year that they are doing 4K, so its new for everyone.  She goes 4 days a week Tuesday-Friday for 4 hours.  They have a morning & an afternoon program.  We're doing the afternoon so we can still attend our morning activites like story time and dance class. 

Sariah is really excited for this.  She feels like such a big kid.  I feel like she's such a little girl to throw her into public school already.  She's doing pretty good, though.  They eat lunch at school, have class time and recess at the end.  I hope its a good step for her before attending full day kindergarden next year. 

I bought her a new dress for school while we were in Texas and painted her nails esp. for school.  She's been very excited all week.  I'm getting use to the schedule, but it does work out well, because Sariah is gone while Bryson naps, so I have some time every day to get things done for me.

We weren't going to buy Sariah a new backpack for this year, because her old one is still pretty good, but we saw this one at Whistler and had to buy it.  You can't see it from this pic, but its got a cute bear & moose on it.  She likes it way more than she would've liked a t-shirt or something. 
There she is, my big-little girl.  She has learned so much already, and she's going to do great at school.  The first week so far has been crazy.  Lots to learn for both her and me.  I'm still trying to get use to the schedule.  Thurdsay was crazy because I took Sariah and her friend to school and her friend's mom picked them up.  Friday there was construction blocking my way and I couldn't get to school on time.  Its the peril of choosing the elementary school that I want the kids to be in and not going to the closest one. 
Sariah's teacher is Ms. Pirkel.  Sariah really likes her so far.  She was excited to eat school lunch, too until she found out that her friend brings her lunch, so now she wants to bring her lunch, too.  I'm not excited so much about that, because I'm horrible at packing a lunch, but we bought her a lunch box, and we'll be doing a mixture of the two. 

Sariah is doing well with the rest of school, too.  She's gotten to pick prizes from the treasure box twice already, and she told me Wed. that she is awesome because she never had to sit next to the wall during recess for not listening and following directions. 

By Friday, I think we both felt overwhelmed.  Its a big change, but one I know she can handle.  She's ready to be challenged and learn.  She's growing up before my eyes!

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Alan and Denise said...

I hope Sariah truly enjoyed her first week of school. It sounds like she was having a good time and learning lots. She is indeed growing up.