07 July 2011

Circus Star!

We have a pretty awesome library nearby. Every Summer they put on super special events that coincide with the theme for the reading program. (Which Sariah is also working on.)  This year's theme is "One World, Many Stories." 

Every Thursday they have free performances.  We went two weeks ago for the hula dancing, and today we attended the performance of Circus Manduhai: A Mongolian Circus troupe.  They are a family group, with 4 performers.  There was lots of acrobatics, a contortionist, jugglers, unicycle tricks and so much more.  The kids loved it! 

This kid had balance!

There was lots of audience participation. Usually Sariah doesn't seem that interested when they ask for volunteers, but this time she willingly raised her hand. It was the first trick, so most of the kids were sort of uncertain about volunteering, so Sariah was choosen! She got to go up to the front and do a handstand on two metal pillars. This was one of the tricks that a boy (he had to be 8 or 9) did.

Here's Sariah after she tried it out.

  Here's her big moment!


Most of the acts were really cool, although the unicycle was a little scary.  Check this out!

They had a kid in the audience do this afterwards, I'm glad Sariah didn't get choosen for this one.

All in all a neat way to spend the afternoon.


Meghann said...

Wow, I didn't know there was a library around here that did stuff like that. Which library is it?

Marin said...

Meghann: veronapubliclibrary.org I highly recommend all the storytimes, we even took Bryson to baby storytime at like 2 months.