14 April 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Almost everyone comments on how much Bryson looks like Doug, and well, I have to agree. Check out these birthday pictures of cute one year olds... I'd like to think that Bryson has at least my families cheeks, but that's about it, he's pretty close to his daddy. He's sweet like his father, too.

So what is Bryson up to now days? Well...

He loves to give hugs to his family, he's still my little cuddle bug.

He's a full fledged toddler, and he's almost to the point where he can hold my hand & walk & I don't have to carry him anymore.

He loves to "sing" & dance.

He's not talking, at all. Every once in awhile we get a "da da da" or a "ma ma" but most of his talking is happy shrieks or upset grunts and cries. He knows how to communicate though. He has started pointing to things he wants. (The other day I thought he was done with lunch until he sat back down at the table, pointed to the microwave where the chicken nuggets were cooking and "yelled" until I got the point.) He'll often bring you something, like a book, when he wants your attention.

He went to the park with Daddy & Sariah yesterday and really enjoyed climb up to the big slide & going down.

He's still very shy in new surroundings, but he warms up quick.

He's my houdini child. There isn't a child restraint that can hold him (except, thankfully, his car seat, which he doesn't try to get out of.) It makes shopping or even eating dinner an interesting expierence. And while Sariah has always been okay with eating while I wasn't sitting at the table, Bryson insists on an adult being present (poor Sariah won't do.)

He's a very loving little boy, and frankly, he's got an amazing Daddy, so I'm glad they're a lot alike!

*I planned on having a lot more compare pictures, but I've misplaced the cd with all Doug's kid pictures on it. When I find it, I'll add some more.


Susan said...

He does look a lot like Doug but I definitely see some of you in him, too. He's a good mix!

hilary w said...

Wow...the resemblance is spot-on! That's amazing.

I like your new blog look, by the way. Maybe you switched it a while a go, but this is the first time I haven't used google reader to read a post of yours in a while!