24 April 2011

Happy Easter

It was a gloomy Easter Morning, but now the sun is shining. We had a lovely, musical, sacrament meeting. Now ham is in the oven & Bryson is napping. Sariah is spending time with Daddy, and I'm thankful. I'm thankful for my kids & my husband & the gospel. We celebrated with the eggs and the baskets yesterday, so today we can focus on our Savior.

Here's some cute pictures of the kids in their Sunday attire. I think Bryson is looking particularly handsome, and Sariah is beautiful. She impresses me with her knowledge of the gospel. And Bryson figured out what nose means! That makes me happy, too.

(this one cracks me up with their matching expressions, you can tell their siblings)


Alan and Denise said...

Have a joyous Easter!

Susan said...

They both look cute but I have to say Bryson looks especially handsome. Cute boy.