13 January 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Hey Mom, what day is it?Its your birthday, Little Man!
Okay, what does that mean?
It means you've been a part of our family for a whole year...
...that we love you very much...
...and your bright personality...
...and we can't wait to see what else you'll do!

(p.s. Grandparents, these are the 7 poses I've got prints of, let me know which ones you like!)
Happy Birthday Bryson! Here's a look back at your first year.
A little more about Bryson at 1:

He's curious, but not in the way Sariah was. She was a climber, but never cared about what she was climbing on. Bryson is much more of a details man. He likes levers and doors. For the first time I have to worry about what's in my cupboards and drawers.

He LOVE peek-a-boo. He like to grab your hand and be in control of the game. His favorite book is the peek-a-boo one he got for Christmas.

He's an excellent crawler, but not so much with the standing or walking. He can pull up on things and use them to guide him, and he loves to climb the stairs, but he's not balanced at all by himself. He's getting a little bit better. (Part of me wonders if this why I don't feel like he's really one yet, because Sariah was walking 5 days before her birthday. I'm not worried about him walking because I know that everyone developed different, its just weird.)

His favorite word is Dada, usually spoken DADAdaaaaadadadddaaadaDADADDDDAAAA, etc. He says it for everything thing, in every instance. Every once in awhile I get a Mama, but I think he figures why learn anything else when dada works?

He loves his Sister. The day he stopped nursing (8 days earlier than the day I wanted him to, which was today) he was much more interested in finding Sariah than spending time with Mommy. He always looks for her to make sure she's in the car with him. They like to get into trouble together, usually by going into the bathroom and playing in the sink. Sometimes I ask her to take him and go play, and they do, its great! The older he gets, the more fun they have together, and I love it.

He's a champ with a sippy cup (which is good, RE: stopped nursing 8 days too early). He loves eating regular foods. He's a better eater than Sariah is. He usually out eats her in quanity and is more willing to eat things she won't like mushrooms, green peppers, squash, etc. I'd have to say his favorite food is banana.

I'm sure there is lots more I'm forgetting. He's a real joy, and we're so thankful for him!

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Alan and Denise said...

Happy Birthday Bryson! He's such a cute little guy. I like picture #4 best, the overall order being 4,3,2,6,1,7,5.