18 January 2011

Bryson 1 Year stats

Just a quick update:

Height 29.25" (31%)
Weight 21 lbs 13.5 oz (34%)

He's a pretty proportionate guy. I will say that his torso is longer than his legs, he can still wear 9 mo-12 mo pants, but he def. needs the 12 mo.- 18 mo. tops. Anyways, he's healthy, strong & survived the 3 shots he got.

If you want a quick comparison with Sariah at 1 year:

Height: 28" (20%)
Weight: 17lbs 8.5oz (5%)

Sariah's 4 year stats:

Height: 37.5" (10%)
Weight: 33 lbs (33%)

1 comment:

Alan and Denise said...

My babies had long torsos, too. Especially Jenny. Bryson looks like he's doing very well. Hope he had a nice birthday!