13 February 2013

There's a lesson in here somewhere...

While my mom was in town, we took full advantage of her Costco membership, including buying the Kitchaid mixer I've been salivating over a year.  Since then I've made, cookies, more cookies, muffins, pizza crust, banana bread and my own whole wheat bread.  In fact the whole wheat bread turned out so good, we've seriously thought about not buying sandwich bread again and just make our own (it's like a 5 ingredient bread and turns out like Great Harvest honey whole wheat!  Yes, please!)

So here's where life started to get complicated.  See, the blog I got the recipe off suggests that milling your own whole wheat flour is the way to go over store bought whole wheat because fresher tastes better.  So I start looking into it.  I don't really want to buy another expensive kitchen appliance, but I think I can grind the flour in the Vitamix my mom gave us (it was their old one.  Yes, I got a baby, a stand mixer and an amazing blender all in one month, booyah!)  So I start researching that.  Results are inconclusive...

But, I also start looking into wheat and I notice you can buy hard winter red or hard spring white and I'm like, what's the difference, yo?  (Yes, I talk like that now.)  So I start searching and all this info comes up, and I'm still not sure what to buy yet (both I'm thinking, both is good.)  Then, on another blog the writer mentions that you should sprout your wheat berries for even healthier bread, and she shows you how to do it.  So now I'm looking into how to do that, and what I need, and phew!  Life has just gotten very complicated!  What was I trying to do?  Oh yes, I wanted to make bread.

So I start thinking, maybe I'm overthinking this a bit, okay a lot.  I just want to make bread, and I don't have to do all the extra steps to do that and get yummy, good for us bread.  So maybe that's the lesson in this, that life doesn't require all the extra steps to get the blessings we need.


A couple of days later I start thinking that maybe the lesson is if we put a little extra effort into our lives, we can receive even more blessings the the simple original ones.

So now I'm confused.  Which lesson am I suppose to be getting out of this experience?  Maybe both?  Both is good.


Lisa said...

First of all, I need this recipe. Nothing I've tried tastes like Great Harvest.

Second, both. Yes, more effort does bring more blessings, but if doing the fancy things interferes with your ability to do the simple things you just gotta cut back.

Jenny said...

Yes, to what Lisa said. More effort can be better up to a point.

For instance, when I take the effort to write each of my children a love letter for Valentine's Day and make them a special treat to let them know they're loved, good things happen. If I were to spend my entire day, neglecting all my other duties, making unnecessary cute things only for the praise of others, I've gone too far.

That balance between not enough and too much effort is why posting has fallen off over at my craft blog. I was doing too many cute things that were good in theory but were taking time away from my family.

The Hof family said...

white hard wheat is lighter, that's what we used to have, but we switchted to spelt which is even lighter and has gluten.

Katie said...

I love your writing. It's just as fun as talking to you.

angela said...

yes to both jenny and lisa. i recently got caught on that treadmill, is it a treadmill that rats run on..?? anyway, i've been there, and am still recovering from the exhaustion. more, or both, isn't necessarily always good, and doesn't necessarily always bring double blessings - it depends on the situation. this was my lesson learned.

be well
angela :)