01 May 2012

Tooth. Gone

Sunday night I cut up some apples for the kids to enjoy.   Then this happened:
 The tooth had been loose for about a week, but it didn't seem super wiggly, so I thought I had some time.  Guess I didn't.  For a moment we thought that Sariah had swallowed the tooth because she hadn't imminently noticed it was gone, but luckily for Sariah, Mommy found it on the floor.  And here it is!
 I quickly whipped up a little pillow with a tooth shaped pocked for the tooth fairy (unfortunately not pictured) and when she awoke there were two shiny quarters waiting her.  She is super excited and loves showing everyone the hole in her mouth.
I just can't believe she's old enough to be losing teeth.  They sure grow up fast.

(This is for Grandparents that didn't see it on facebook.)

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Alan and Denise said...

Thanks for remembering Grandparents! And congratulations to Sariah for another milestone!