11 April 2012

Spring Break

We had our Spring Break last week.  We didn't really have any real plans for the week, we couldn't afford a vacation, but Doug did take one day off (which I'll blog about separately.)  The week was still super busy.  There were a lot of fun things happening at the local library, a friend and I attend the gym everyday so the kids got to play there, and the weather has been beautiful, so there was never a dull moment the entire week (or more like 10 days since Sariah didn't go to school the Friday before break and didn't go back until yesterday.)

Here's some highlights:

First, one last picture from Sariah's Itty Bitty Performance.  She can't wait to do it all again this Summer!

 We had Baby Benjamin with us on part days on Monday and Tuesday, so I didn't get any pictures, but we did find a great park with a large flat field for kite flying.  Sariah really liked it, but every so often the wind would die and the kites would crash.  We never really got both in the air before Benjamin needed some attention.  To compensate, we went to Sonic after for slushies.

Wednesday we had a playdate in the morning with a friend we don't really see much anymore, then we stopped by Epic for lunch.  Doug has moved offices (again) since changing teams, and since it was such a nice day, we walked through their outdoor areas to get to the cafeteria.  We stopped to take a quick pic with Humpty Dumpty here.
 Thursday morning the Library hosted their annual egg hunt.  Its usually a long wait followed by a wild (and super quick) romp through the children's section to find eggs.

Here's Bryson before:
 And during...  I kind of lost track of Sariah during the hunt.  She insisted to me before hand that she only wanted pink and purple eggs so she headed off in a different direction on her quest.  We had a prearranged meeting spot if we got separated, so I wasn't totally worried.  (I was still a little worried, but we found her easily.)
Run, Bryson, Run!
 Ah, the spoils of victory!  (See Sariah's basket?  All pink & purple.)
Oh yes, did you notice Sariah's shoes?  They don't match.  She was insistent that she wear mismatch shoes (and later socks) that day.  It was a one day thing.

Friday we headed down to Chicago, more on that later.

Saturday we didn't have swim lessons like normal, so we took advantage of the 2 hr family swim at the gym.  To say that Sariah was excited about swimming at the gym would be an understatement.  She was so excited that she counted down the days, she cared more about it than baskets from the Easter bunny, more than our trip to Chicago, more than anything that happened on Spring Break.  She was not disappointed.

Speaking of Easter baskets, the Bunny did bring baskets by on Saturday (we do secular stuff on Saturday so we can focus on the Savior on Sunday.)  I didn't get any pictures but the kids got some new books and a puzzle each.  Sariah in enjoying a Dora watercolor book and Bryson got a Noah's ark lift the flaps book.  Saturday evening we had our friends over for dinner and did some egg coloring, but I didn't get the camera out again.  

Finally, here are the kids on Easter Sunday:

We had to be at the church at 8am, and I took this one picture as we were running out the door (and a little late) but it was perfect.  This dress had been cut out over the Summer and sat around for months before I finally finished it (and a similar one for her friend Lea.)  Bryson's suit came with a red tie, but I remembered I bought this green one a couple of months back and it matched perfectly.

We had a great Sunday, we really focused on the Savior, and Sariah has learned so much about the atonement and resurrection.

So that was our Spring Break/Easter weekend.  Life is back to normal now, not any less busy of course, but back to normal.

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