27 December 2011

Big Kids for Christmas

I might get around to posting about our other Christmas festivities, but at the moment I'll just share 3 things about my kids and how big they're getting.  Honestly, where did the time go?  Wasn't Sariah just 3?  Wasn't Bryson just born?  

First:  Sariah got a bike for Christmas.  She's very excited about it, while she was sad that it was Sunday so we wouldn't let her go out immediently, she has been out on her bike both yesterday and today.  (How fortuitous that its been a super mild winter so far here and there's no snow.  Doug has been teaching her the hand signals and how to brake.  If the weather holds up, she might ride her bike everyday.  I know she's going to love it once it gets warmer!

Why yes, there is a princess crown on her helmet, was there ever any doubt she'd need one?
 Other new things Sariah likes to do: 

Sing, she was front and center when the primary sang on Sunday, and she at least moved her mouth like she knew the words, I know she knew the first two lines.  

Sound out words, she's really close to reading those words herself.  Often if you pick out a word for her to find and help her sound it out, she can find it on the page.  Another favorite present for Christmas was 6 Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems.  

Crafts, before 4K, she wasn't very interested in sitting down with me and making crafts, but on Christmas eve while Bryson was napping we did all kinds of paper and bead crafts.  Its fun to see her develop her creative side.

 In Bryson news, I swear he's picked up about a thousand new words in the last two weeks.  He'll repeat practically everything you say.  With Sariah almost ready to read, we've been able to help Bryson learn new words as well.  We're working on colors at the moment since he knows most the objects around the house.  He's still a big fan of the knock, knock joke, he even told the Interrupting Cow joke correctly the other day!

As a very early birthday gift (so my mom could sleep on it while she was here) we got Bryson a big boy bed. He's been running around the house telling everyone about it since it came the Tuesday before Christmas.  ("Bed! Bed!" means come and lay down on it with me.)  Tonight is the first night he's actually sleeping on it.
So he doesn't totally have a grasp on how this works yet...

I imagine he'll figure it out eventually.  I pulled the covers back up around him when I snuck in to take this photo.  Isn't he cute?  

The bed isn't the only grown up things Bryson did today.  He also got his first real haircut at Great Clips.  Both he and Doug needed a hair cut so we went in.  He wasn't totally happy about it, but he did sit in Daddy's lap and let the lady cut his hair without too much fuss.  I think it looks pretty handsome now (sorry about the ipod quality photos...)

I feel like I got big kids for Christmas.  Every time I turn around they're doing new things and acting older that I'm ready for them to be.  I'm proud of them, though.  They're pretty awesome kids.  I can't wait to see what they'll do next.


Susan said...

They do seem all big. Hard to believe it. Glad you had a good Christmas!

Alan and Denise said...

They're growing up so fast! Kids seem to do that--in the blink of an eye they're off to school, then college, etc.

Kasey S said...


Thank you for bringing Bryson into one of our salons for his first "real haircut." We're glad we could play a small role in a memorable moment for you and your family. And we agree, he does look quite handsome with his new 'do!

Kasey S.
Great Clips