15 November 2011


So I didn't mean to publish that last post without writing, but the mother of Sariah's friend wanted to see the photos, so I published it on my ipod with the intention of explaining myself later.  Then I had choir rehersal tonight, so now I'm getting around to it.

For almost a year now, Sariah has wanted a sleepover party, and for just over 6 months she's wanted her party at Chuck E Cheese.  As fun as parties with lots of kids are, I'm a every other year kind of gal, so I told Sariah she could invite one friend to her party and we'd do both those things.

Because it is concert week for me, my schedule is kind of busy, and with Sariah's school & activity schedule, it worked out best to have her party on Monday night instead of her birthday.  She counted down all day to her party, she was so excited.  About 4:30 we picked up her friend, Lea, and drove to Chuck E Cheese, where the girls had a blast playing the games.  I made sure the night before to charge my camera, then promptly forgot it at home.  There are a couple of pictures that I took with my ipod on facebook, but they're not high quality.

After about an hour we headed home, and picked up Little Ceaser's Pizza on the way.  The girls quickly ate one slice each, then ran off to play.  We invited Richard, Chrissie & Benjamin and Miriam & Colin, some of our adult friends and their sons to come over as well for cake, and they arrived while the girls were playing.

The cake was NOT made by me.  Its much too nice looking for that.  We bought this cake from the lovely and amazing Heather, who also made Doug's "Settlers of Catan" cake.  Heather is fantastic.  You can check out her other cakes on her facebook page here.  Sariah loves it.  It was just what she asked for, lemon cake with pink frosting and purple flowers.  You can  see her blow out the candle:

After cake we opened presents.  She opened some from friends and half of the presents we bought her.  She'll open family and the rest of ours on Thursday, her actual birthday.  We gave her some fuzzy slippers to wear during her sleepover, a unicorn pillow pet, because she's really into unicorns lately, and the one thing she's been asking for since the Summer, a robot.  (Can you tell Sariah latches on to ideas and doesn't let go for awhile?)

Finding a robot that wouldn't be too complicated for her, but would adhear to her standards was kind of tricky, but thanks to youtube videos, she was excited to get a Fijit robot.  She loves it.  It talks to her, plays music, tells jokes.  She's been telling everyone about her robot.  She loves that it always says nice, encouraging things to her.  The one downside for me is that it has no volume control and it is LOUD.

After presents, the adults went home and the girls went to Sariah's room with her robot.  There we set up the air mattress on the floor and I moved the little TV and DVD player into her room so they could watch movies.  They watched Super Mario Bros cartoons and Cinderella until almost 10pm when I told them it was time to sleep.  It took about 5 tries and 30 minutes before they settled down for the night.  They were still up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at about 6:30am.  I got up about an hour later and made them cinnamon mini muffins and eggs for breakfast.

They played the morning away, watched a couple more movies, danced to music with Bryson, helped me with Baby Benjamin.  Then before we knew it, it was time to take them to school.  I packed up lunches and backpacks and they were off.  After school they went over to Lea's house for an hour and a half.  They basically spent 24 hours together and had a blast.  I'd say it was a very successful party!

It hit me while I was driving the girls to school and listening to them chat and ask each other questions, Sariah is really turning into this thoughtful, polite, intelligent, literal person.  Every year she amazes me with her character and growth.  I'm so proud to be her mom!

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Alan and Denise said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Happy Birthday Sariah!

I have also been impressed with how polite and courteous Sariah is. Good job, Mom and Dad.