01 December 2010

The End?

Yes, I know, I missed the last day of November. All those blog posts done and I missed the last day. It was partly because yesterday was super busy (preschool, story times, and choir on Tuesday) and partly because I wanted to post something that wasn't "okay I did it! the end..." or totally random or whatever.

Here' what I did learn from this month. Blogging is hard work. It takes time and thought process. In fact right now I'm trying to type this while we listen to the Tangled soundtrack and Sariah is telling me about how she misses the fireworks and how they miss her, too. I have a hard time concentrating on reading or writing when I listen to music with words, then to have Sariah talking over that... well that's kind of what its been like while I've been blogging this month.

I also learned that I like writing when I have the brain power to do so. This month I've been writing for me, and while comments are fun to get, they are not necessary. I've realized that with my short stories, too. Which is fine, because in the end it is my satisfaction with what I've written that is important.

I also like writing about my kids, because they do or say the greatest things. Its fun to watch them grow, but it is hard to record all the little things they do or say in a day or a week or a month. I wish more of our family was close so they could also witness how great my kids are, because I'm not good about recording it.

So the challenge was to see if I could do this, and I did. Would I do it again? I don't know, ask me in a year...


Alan and Denise said...

We enjoyed your blogging this month, and am glad you enjoy writing for you. Have fun with it! We also like hearing/seeing your kids and what they are up to.

Jenny said...

I've said it before, of course, but I've really enjoyed your month of more blogging. You should definitely do it again! :)