27 October 2010

Things Sariah likes

Play time with Daddy
Making/eating food with Daddy
Anything that involves spending time with Daddy

Show & Tell
Learning her Letters
Play time
Lunch Time

Swim Lessons
Using her goggles

Dance Class
Doing Tondues (points with her legs)

Tickle time

Watching Dora the Mermaid or The Little Mermaid
Dressing Up in her mermaid costume
Swimming like a mermaid in the bathtub

Watching video clips on the computer with Mommy
Esp. "Smell like a Monster" with Grover & the Tangled (Rapunzel) Trailers. She's very excited to see the Rapunzel movie next month. (I'm excited because maybe she'll let me grow out her hair and do fun stuff to it again.)

Mac & Cheese (she could eat it for every meal)

Playing with play doh... best $8 I've spent in awhile.

Getting to be an astronaut for Halloween & wearing her costume every day this week.

Praying to Jesus to help find things
Telling us about things she learned at church

Getting things herself
eating grapes directly out of the fridge
getting her own snacks
brushing her own hair
picking out her own clothes (sometimes 4 or 5 times a day)
putting on her own shoes


Susan said...

Reading this makes me very excited for Evaline to be 3 or 4 someday.

Alan and Denise said...

It's hard to believe she's almost four. She's getting so grown-up, and learning lots. Tell her hi! from Grandma.

Jenny said...

She's certainly getting grown up!