06 August 2010

Chicago Temple

For Doug's birthday, we headed down to Chicago to meet him after a business trip on Wednesday and stayed the night at a (awesome!) hotel. We took the kids swimming both Wed. night (we kept them up WAAAY past their bedtimes) and again Thursday morning. Our hotel suite was awesome. It had what I would call a living space and then the bedroom actually had a door on it that locked. So Sariah slept on the fold out couch in the living space, Bryson slept in the room with her in the pack n play, and Doug and I enjoyed the King sized bed.

On Thursday afternoon, we took the opportunity to go to the temple. We didn't have anyone to watch the kids, so Doug attended the 1pm session and I stayed outside and we enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Sariah didn't really give me any good smiles, but she's still cute!

I love this picture of Bryson, but it was really hard to get because I had to lay on my back, and then hold him and the camera up.

This one says, "really mom? really?" and I love it.
It was a great day, and we all loved going to the temple. We'd def. do it again! Oh, and Happy Birthday to my wonderful Hubby!


Susan and Chris said...

Fun birthday! And I'm glad Doug didn't get shot. :)

Jenny said...