19 July 2010

Father & Son

I thought since everyone comments on how much Bryson looks like Doug, we'd do a little comparison. I tried to find pictures of like ages, but some of Doug's weren't labeled exactly, so I guessed.

Doug's First Picture in the hospital 1982
Bryson's First Picture in the Hospital 1/14/2010Doug's Blessing Day 9/5/1982
Bryson 1/30/2010Doug in Lubbock 1982Bryson at 2 months 3/13/2010Doug (& Jenny(?) in the background) in SLC 12/19/1982 (4 months old)
Bryson (& Sariah) 4/16/2010 (3 months old)Doug in Roy 1982 (I'm guessing around the same time as the last photo?)
Bryson 5/13/2010 (4 months)

Bryson at 6 months 7/13/2010

Doug in New Mexico 4/19/83 (7 months)


Lisa said...

Doug's blessing picture is sooooo sweetly adorable!

Jenny said...

Yep, that's me in the background of the picture in December 82, and it's my paternal Grandma who's holding Doug (Grandpa is holding me). It was (as well as the one beneath) taken the Christmas break we spent in Roy.

Alan and Denise said...

Doug and Bryson certainly have some similarities. Like the nose and maybe the eyes. Doug's face is a bit longer, while Bryson's seems more rounded.

Cute post, I enjoyed it.